Jun 12, 2013

Blackhat Arsenal USA 2013

Viproy VoIP Penetration Testing and Exploitation Kit is accepted for Blackhat Arsenal USA 2013. It will be amazing for me, I will present it at Las Vegas, USA. Blackhat Arsenal USA 2013 line up is announced and many good tools are waiting for us. You can check all tools and author via this Blackhat Arsenal USA page.

Line up contains many cool tools. My favorite tools are armitage, dalvik inspector, drozer, gotbeef, hookme, smartphone pen-test framework, set and vega. They have created an author page for me, I liked it :-)

I'm working on a few modules for Viproy and I'm planning to announce them at Blackhat Arsenal USA 2013. SIP Message support, DDOS via SIP servers and MITM Fuzzing modules are coming.