Apr 13, 2013

Viproy - VoIP Penetration and Exploitation Testing Kit

Viproy Voip Pen-Test Kit is developed to improve quality of SIP Penetration Tests. It provides authentication feature that helps to create simple tests. It includes 7 different modules with authentication support: options tester, brute forcer, enumerator, invite tester, trust analyzer, proxy and registration tester. All attacks could perform before and after authentication to fuzz SIP services and value added services.

Project Page : http://www.github.com/fozavci/viproy-voipkit
Download : https://github.com/fozavci/viproy-voipkit/archive/master.zip

Attacking SIP/VoIP Servers Using VIPROY VoIP Pen-Test Kit for Fun & Profit - Video

This is a training video for penetration testing of SIP servers.

Chapters of Training Video
1-Footprinting of SIP Services
2-Enumerating SIP Services
3-Registering SIP Service with/without Credentials
4-Brute Force Attack for SIP Service
5-Call Initiation with/without Spoof & Credentials
6-Hacking Trust Relationships
7-Intercepting SIP Client with SIP Proxy